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January 2018
92/100 POUR NOTRE 2015
Nous sommes tr?s heureux de vous faire partager cette bonne nouvelle!

Notre mill?sime 2015 obtient la note de 92/100 par Mr Yves Beck, venant r?compenser tous nos efforts.
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January 2018
Chateau Charmail Goes to China - #ChinaTour

Allez loin pour ?tre au plus pr?s de ceux qui aiment le bon vin
News Château Charmail
June 2015
A Charmail ... La vigne comme un jardin?

Nous accordons le plus grand soin ? nos jeunes pieds de merlot que nous sommes entrain de planter.
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May 2015
Charmail 2014 : reconnu pour sa valeur

16/20 Coup de coeur Jacques Dupont
89-91/100 Wine Advocate - Neal Martin
16,25/20 Decanter - Steven Spurrier
91-93/100 Yves Beck
18/20 Ren? Gabriel
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May 2015
Le salon Decanter : quelle belle occasion pour Charmail de poser ses valises quelques jours dans la capitale anglaise!

Superbe manifestation et tr?s bons retours pour notre 2010 ...
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May 2015
Un petit souvenir de notre d?placement en Suisse fin Avril. Pardonnez notre retard!
Une tr?s belle d?gustation comme chaque ann?e...
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April 2015
Les Primeurs des Crus Bourgeois 2014 se passaient cette ann?e au Ch?teau d'Arsac. Nous y avons donc pass? trois jours...Nous avons d?gust?, discut?, eu de jolies surprises...

Ch?teau Charmail 2014 se d?guste bien ...
News Château Charmail
Octobre 2014
Le Mill?sime 2012 a profit? du mois de Septembre et de l'?t? indien pour se d?voiler au public.

Chateau Charmail participait ? la reconnaissance des Crus Bourgeois ...
News Château Charmail
September 2014
La philosophie de Charmail est de travailler la vigne comme un jardin, avec autant de soin et d'attention. Nous souhaitons produire un vin o? s'expriment pleinement notre terroir...
News Château Charmail
November 2013
Le mill?sime 2011 joue l'exception et se pr?sentera ? vous dans un nouvel ?crin.

Nous sommes tr?s heureux de vous pr?senter la nouvelle ?tiquette de Ch?teau Charmail.
News Château Charmail
April 2013
Il s'agit la de nouveau d'un magnifique mill?sime d'une propri?t? qui s'illustre par sa constance dans l'excellence depuis deux d?cennies. L'assemblage pour ce 2010 est de 50% de Merlot, 33% de Cabernet Sauvignon et le reste de Caber
News Château Charmail
February 2013
"Je ne connais rien, ici bas, de plus s?rieux que la culture de la Vigne " disait Voltaire.Cette phrase peut ? elle seule, bien r?sumer, le travail continu que l'on effectue au vignoble, m?me l'hiver.
News Château Charmail
January 2013
Les travaux enfin termin?s !
La ma?trise d'oeuvre des nouveaux b?timents a ?t? r?alis?e par Guy et Aur?lien Allemand. Ces derniers se sont inspir?s des cabanes Tchanqu?es...
News Château Charmail
December 2012
Charmail au Grand Tasting.
News Château Charmail
September 2012
Le papier et l'or
Une nouvelle ?tiquette pour Charmail. La nouvelle ?tiquette reprend les codes de la pr?c?dente tout en y apportant une touche de couleur, d'intensit?, d'?me, de visibilit? et de chaleur. L'?crin change mais le vin reste.
News Château Charmail

The property

“Charmail sees the River”

Charmail is on the banks of the Gironde River, which makes for milder temperatures and shelters it from really hard frosts in the winter, which can have disastrous effects on the vines.
From the property we enjoy a truly magnificent view.

The vineyard is made up of one single plot, which extends right to the water's edge. On some mornings, sunrise can be quite magical as the first light plays on the water the mist and the vines.

An ocean of vines coursing into the river; it's an amazing spectacle!” B. d’Halluin

The estate is also ideally located on rolling slopes facing south, which contributes to grape ripening, while the vines are often exposed to light winds, which keeps fresh air circulating around their leaves and the fruit.


The name of the estate comes from its 16th century origins, when the Trevey de Charmail family settled in the Medoc. The property’s reputation really began to be known from the beginning of the 18th century. Since then vines have always been cultivated here. The strength of our terroir today comes from this history and the Medoc traditions.


Olivier Sèze took over operations in 1982. In a few years, with his vision and thoroughness he managed to impose a distinct style of winemaking here and made Charmail one of the most valued wines bearing the Haut Medoc label. Vintage after vintage for nearly 30 years, he has made superbly well-balanced wines.


Bernard d’Halluin, a guy from Lille in northern France, who was fed Bordeaux wine in his baby’s bottle made his dream come true of buying a wine estate. While looking for a property in the Bordeaux area, he fell in love with Charmail. Both he and Olivier share the same passion and complement each other admirably in the daily running of the estate.

I want to carry on with the admirable work done by Olivier and his team at Charmail. I listen, I taste and I learn.” B. d’Halluin

When the estate changed hands, new ambitions came to Charmail, such as enlarging the vineyard: 6 hectares (15 acres) were bought back in 2010 returning the vineyard to its original size. New buildings were also brought into use and new objectives were set for the work in the vines, while initiatives were taken to really promote Charmail wines at exhibitions and tastings.

We are building Charmail together.” B. D’Halluin

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Our Team

Father and Daughter

Bernard and Marie d’Halluin

When Bernard d’Halluin started to think about investing in a wine estate, he instinctively talked to his daughter about it. When he took over Charmail, he very quickly convinced Marie to join him on this rather wild adventure for anyone, who was not born in a barrel. So they set off, spending as much time as possible at the property in order to learn. Bernard took charge of managing the estate, while his daughter, a graduate of the Paris business school ESCP took over its promotion. They form a very close pair, managing the estate today hand in hand and sharing the same passion for wine with a driving enthusiasm to do things properly.

The Consultant Oenologist

Olivier Sèze 

The previous owner stood by the family to continue the adventure with them. He contributes all his experience, knowledge and expertise to the estate, enabling Charmail to pursue the path, which he laid out years ago, based on control and rigour in all the winegrowing and winemaking steps in the quest of elegance and balance.

The team

After many years working together, the people who work at Charmail know each other well and also know the estate intimately. The estate is what it is today, thanks to the talent and willing of everyone and the cohesion within the team.


Terroir et Vinification

You cannot have fine plants without loving them.
Nature gives nothing spontaneously.
” Robert Arnaud d’Andilly,
who supervised work in the gardens of Port Royal Abbey.


The concept of terroir includes three things:
soil, weather and Man

“The best possible terroirs are no different from the worst, if they are not cultivated.”
This motto coined by Vauban guides us in our work. At Charmail, we have some positive features, but without the hand of Man and his ambition to go beyond difficulty, the fact that we have good soils here is just a good card to have. We work hard to get the best out of every plot, while taking into account the diversity of our terroir.

The soil types here consist mainly of gravel and clay, gravel and sand and colluvial sediments. This variety is what gives Charmail wines their balance and distinctive qualities; subtle elegance from the stones; strength and body from the clay.

To enhance this terroir, we re-planted 6 new hectares (15 acres) in 2010, half with Cabernet Sauvignon and half with the Petit Verdot grape variety. The idea was to return to the original size of the vineyard and to modify the balance of different grape varieties in the blend. By increasing the quantity of Petit Verdot, we add some appealing spicy hints, which are rare in the Medoc. These combine with the main body of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon to make a very distinctive final blend.

We are also doing everything to protect our precious terroir by progressing with initiatives to make our techniques more environmentally friendly. We plough the soil around the vines, earthing them up, then flattening and hoeing the soil making it easier for the vines to develop deep root systems that enable them to resist hydric stress better. We no longer use chemical fertilisers or herbicides and have planted 6 kilometres of hedging to enhance the ecosystems surrounding the vineyard.

Harvesting and Winemaking

“In such a beautiful place, how couldn’t you not make good wine?” is what Bernard d’Halluin thought a little naively when he visited the property for the first time.

And since then, he has done everything day after day with his team to develop an exceptional wine. Charmail is the wine made by a team led by Olivier Sèze. From the vine to the cellars, the harvesters to the cellar master via the sorting table, everyone has a special role in making this property what it is today.

We strive to protect our terroir, which is why we moved back to harvesting by hand. The vine plants are challenged much less and only the best bunches are picked. After the sorting table, the fruit is handled by gravity only, so that no pumps or screws damage the grapes as they are fed into the tanks.

In our winemaking, the Charmail philosophy is to produce BALANCED wines. The technique of cold skin contact, developed on the estate, serves to extract from the grape skins all the components that will ensure an optimal tannic structure in the wines. Ageing lasts 12 months in barrels made of French oak, only one third of which are renewed each year to avoid an overwhelming impact of new wood.

We do all we can to highlight the Fruit. The balance makes for elegant wines.


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Our wines

Château Charmail, Cru Bourgeois Haut Médoc

First wine


Crus Bourgeois
Haut Médoc

“A wine close to perfection”

“Charmail is definitely one of the Haut Medoc stars”

“One of the most consistent Crus Bourgeois in the last 10-15 years”

Robert Parker

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Château Charmail, Les Tours de Charmail, second vin

Second wine


Haut Médoc

Château Charmail, Bernard D'Halluin, Grand Vin Bordeaux Château Charmail, Cru Bourgeois, Grand Vin Bordeaux Château Charmail, vin Bordeaux, Haut Médoc

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